Daily Backup Report Header

The backup header shows you the date and time the backup was completed along with any vital information. If there were any errors during the backup run, this header would be orange. Please note that even if one file is skipped the backup considers it an error.

The default is to skip system and hidden folders for file backups, but you can change that within individual backup settings.

Daily Backup Report Summary Detail

The report detail section gives you specific information regarding the backup run:

  • Start date: the date and time your backup was started
  • Product Version: the version of the Albany Backups client software
  • Storage Provider: the remote storage provider
  • Company: your company name
  • Computer: the computer being backed up
  • Duration: how long the backup took to complete.
  • Storage Quota: your current backup space
  • Space Used: the amount of space you have used on Albany Backups remote storage
  • Files Scanned: the number of files considered for backup
  • Data Scanned: the size of the files scanned
  • Files to backup: the files that met your criteria for backup
  • Data to backup: (backup method): the size of the files backed up
  • Total file size: the total size of files in the backup set
  • Files copied: the number of files actually copied online
  • Data copied: the size of the files actually copied online
  • Files failed to upload: any upload failures
  • Detailed Report: clicking on this link will give you a detailed look at your backup results
Daily Backup Report Disk Summary

The disk summary provides system information about the state of all disks on the computer you’re backing up.

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